Are there any Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia

Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia

I often visit Philadelphia for business and even to visit some old friends, and often wondered if the are any Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia

Being that I only eat at Kosher restaurants I often found it difficult to locate a Kosher restaurant in Philadelphia. So I always knew of Palace Royal on Bustleton Avenue as I went to my cousins Bar Mitzvah party five years ago. I also knew of some other restaurants that have a Kosher supervision, but lately I found that there are many more restaurants that I can enjoy a Kosher meal. I found a great grill restaurant on Sansom street called Hamifgash, they are closed on Saturday which made me even more like the place and they serve delicious Israeli grill style food. I also found another great one at Castor Avenue called Espresso Cafe & Sushi, perfect small place that serves a great coffee, Italian and Sushi. Get more info

I also found some other great spots and since I love sharing my great experiences, in following posts I will write on each and every one of the restaurants I found and what I thought. So next time you are in Philadelphia and craving some Kosher food, be sure to check what I have to write here as I will add more and more info about my greatest love….you got it….:) Kosher restaurants!

oh…and if you wonder how I find these restaurants, I will tell you about that also, so stay tuned for much delicious information about how to eat better in Philadelphia.

Luckily I found a website called that offers all the information you need to know about all the Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia. You’ll find there every detail about all the restaurants. I find this website the most helpful out there and use it all the time. Simple click here to visit the site


So next time you are on the look for Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia, I have made your search easy, you’ll thank me later

kosher restaurants in philadelphia



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