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Kosher restaurants Philadelphia

Kosher restaurants Philadelphia was created to provide all Kosher eaters a detailed list of all Kosher Restaurants in Philadelphia. After a quick search, I found a lot of restaurants in Philadelphia that have a Kosher supervision and meet the requests of Jews mainly but even non Jews that eat Kosher food. I myself have been living in Philadelphia all my life, I love dinning, but I also only eat at kosher restaurants. It was always very hard to find Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia as they are only a few restaurants in Philadelphia that have a Kosher supervision.

Most of those restaurants that have a Kosher supervision don’t really advertise themselves and rely on word of mouth to be found. I have being eating only Kosher food for the last ten years and always found it SO hard to locate a Kosher restaurant in Philadelphia.  Locating one is one thing, but then you want to know what type of supervision they have, if they have a “Mashgiach” on the premises. (“Mashgiach” is a qualified person that supervises the kitchen to make sure all dishes are actually done under the right supervision and obey the laws of Kosher) Click here for a list of restaurants

Even after you have located the restaurant of your choice, wouldn’t it be nice to preview their menu so you know what they are serving, maybe read some reviews and see how the place is run, perhaps see if they accept large groups, have a children’s menu.  In short, I have decided to gather all the information you would need on all Kosher Restaurants in Philadelphia and present them all in one simple website.

We do our research on a weekly base and update our info all the time. We feed off most of our info from which is the largest kosher restaurant directory in the world and their info is most rusted and up to date

Enjoy your meal….

Kosher restaurants in Philadelphia


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